The Other PGA Participants

This project is one of eleven funded Programs for Genomic Applications (PGAs) funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI), U01 HL66579.

Current PGA Programs:

The NHLBI Bay Area Functional Genomics Consortium
J. David Gladstone Institutes
Dr. Stephen G. Young
BayGenomics Web Site

Berkeley PGA
Comparative Genomic Analysis Of Cardiovascular Gene Regulation
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Dr. Edward M. Rubin
Berkeley PGA Web Site
Mouse Models Of Heart, Lung, And Blood Diseases
Jackson Laboratory
Dr. Luanne L. Peters
JAX PGA Web Site

Physiogenomics Of Stressors In Derived Consomic Rats
Medical College of Wisconsin
Dr. Howard J. Jacob
PhysGen Web Site
UW-FHCRC Variation Discovery Resource
University of Washington
Dr. Deborah A. Nickerson
SeattleSNPs Web Site

Former PGA Programs:
Genomics Of Cardiovascular Development, Adaptation And Remodeling
Harvard Medical School-Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Dr. Seigo Izumo
CardioGenomics Web Site
Applied Genomics In Cardiopulmonary Disease
Johns Hopkins University
Dr. Joe G.N. Garcia
HopGenes Web Site
Innate Immunity In Heart, Lung, And Blood Disease
University of Arizona
Dr. Fernando D. Martinez
InnateImmunity Web Site
Genomic Analysis Of Stress And Inflammation
Massachusetts General Hospital
Dr. Brian Seed
ParaBioSys Web Site
Genomics And Proteomics Of Cell Injury And Inflammation
University of Texas Southwest Medical Center/Dallas
Dr. Stephen A. Johnston
Southwestern Web Site

Microarray Expression Profiling Of Rodent Models Of Human Disease
The Institute for Genomic Research (TIGR)
Dr. John Quackenbush
TREX Web Site

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