Education Component

Director: Melinda Dwinell, Ph.D.
Component Contact person: Melinda Dwinell, Ph.D.


The Education Component will educate and train investigators who are interested in using the rat model to pursue physiological genomic studies in the areas of heart, lung, and blood.

There are two primary audiences. The first will be physiologists and systems biologists interested in learning how to utilize consomic animals and congenic animals. There will be several educational forums. We plan to conduct 2 symposia per year at national meetings, as well as an annual workshop. The symposia will focus on teaching the benefits and utility of our PGA’s deliverables, as well as bioinformatics tutorials. The second audience will be geneticists interested in high-throughput physiology. We will offer opportunities for people interested in this facet to visit and observe how we conduct our physiology studies.

Visiting Scientist Program

Collaborate with PhysGen In Heart, Lung, Blood and Sleep Disorders Research

The Visiting Investigators Program at PhysGen is designed to promote collaboration with outside investigators in the area of heart, lung, blood and sleep research and to enhance the research being conducted at PhysGen. Click here for details.

PGA Education Programs

Information on PGA-wide education workshops, courses and other programs can be obtained at

Symposium, Workshops, and Meetings

PGA Traveling Tutorial
Date: April. 10-11, 2008
Location: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

Genomic Tools and Resources for Phenotype Analysis
American Thoracic Society International Conference
Date: May 16, 2008 (8am – 4pm)
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For Additional Information: Click here

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Additional information on future meetings, workshops and on-line tutorials will be available soon.


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