PhysGen Collaborations

Investigators are studying the influence of genetic background on thyroid and gonadal function.

PhysGen sends blood samples from the parental rats strains to the University of Chicago - Roy E. Weiss, M.D., Ph.D., Samuel Refetoff, M.D., Ph.D., Neal Scherberg and Xiao Hui Liao. Initiated 01/02.

Differences have been observed in the parental strains therefore, the study is expanding to include the consomic strains.
Click for initial study results: Summary of Rat Serum Values and Thyroid Rat Data (Microsoft documents).

Investigators are studying cardiovascular phenotypes that have been mapped to chromosomal regions

PhysGen has sent tissue samples from hearts in several consomic strains and parentals to Dr. Stuart Cook, Imperial College Faculty of Medicine, Hammersmith Hospital. As results from this collaboration are available, additional information will be posted on the PhysGen website.

Investigators are studying chromosomal regions and/or genes responsible for the development of an asthmatic phenotype in consomic rats.

PhysGen sends spleen samples from the consomic and parental rat strains to the University of Wisconsin Medical School - Louis Rosenthal, Ph.D., Robert Lemanske, Jr., M.D. and Ronald Sorkness, Ph.D. Initiated 07/01. You can download the summary slide presentation of the initial studies by PPT format (625K) or PDF format (408K).

The scientific community was requested to provide input on what rat strains they believe PhysGen should phenotype ...

... to add to the scientific value of the program. There were many responses that the steering committee considered. The following four strains from CRL were selected as the best fit with the program direction: Lewis LEW/CrlBR, Fischer CDF (F-344) CrlBR, WKY WKY/NCrlBR and the CD® IGS Crl:CD® (SD)IGS BR. These strains started through phenotyping 02/02. There were also requests for Brown Norway, Harlan Sprague Dawley® and SHR rats. These strains were already part of the ongoing program.


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