Diet & Atmosphere Condition Description

To test the functionality of specific genes relevant to heart, lung and blood disorders, our initial screen of ENU mutant rats will provide a broad assessment of a variety of cardiovascular and pulmonary systems. All phenotypes will be measured in each mutant rat under a variety of conditions. These include novel and adapated environments for behavior phenotypes, low and high salt diet conditions (strain specific) and fasting condition for the biochemistry phenotypes.

Diet conditions

All strains of rats will begin the screening protocol on a low salt diet (Purina 5001). The SS rats and mutant rats with an SS genetic background will remain on the low salt diet for the entire protocol. The BN and FHH rats and mutant rats on these backgrounds will be switched to a high salt diet (4% Dyets, Inc.) two weeks prior to the renal and ultrasound screening protocols. Additional information about the different rat chow types is given in the table below.
Supplier Catalog order # Percent NaCl
Purina 5001* 1.0% (uncertified)
Dyets, Inc. 0.4
Dyets Inc. 4.0
Dyets Inc. 8.0
Teklad 0.4
Teklad 4.0

Atmosphere conditions

NORMOXIA, 21% inspired oxygen prior to entering phenotyping protocol.
HYPERCAPNIA, 7% inspired carbon dioxide for 10 min during the respiratory protocol to measure the hypercapnic ventilatory response.